How to Be Successful in an Online Learning Environment

April 30th, 2021 | in Academic Barriers
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How to Be Successful in an Online Learning Environment


There are many students that have embraced online learning. The comfort of being in your own home, not having to get dressed for school and the pressure lifted of trying to fit in have been a blessing for some. Many students adapted to the changes during the pandemic but overtime they have faced online learning fatigue. Student grades, motivation, social isolation, missing out on important milestones and a sense of belonging have all been impacted by online learning which is causing stress, anxiety and in some cases depression.

Although Online Learning provides flexibility, students are missing the structure of a classroom. The face-to-face discussions and debates in a classroom are all part of the learning experience. There is more engagement in a classroom setting whereas remotely students tend to turn off cameras and get distracted by their phones, laptops or other devices.  Some students don’t have the luxury of a private space so distractions from other family members can contribute to losing focus and concentration.

In order to be successful with online learning, the following points should be taken into consideration.

Set a Schedule: Do up a schedule for yourself as you would if physically going to school. Have the same wake-up time, give yourself breaks between classes and a proper lunch hour. Time management skills are extremely important to be successful with online learning. Set you semester goals and break them down to weekly and daily goals. Use a calendar to mark important dates for assignments and exams.

Dress-Up: Rolling out of bed and still being in your PJ’s is naturally going to put you in a laid-back mood so putting effort into your appearance and dressing as you would for school will help you be more alert.

Private Space: If possible, dedicate a private space in the house for your online learning classes, if you don’t have that option think about getting a divider or letting other household inhabitants know of your schedule so their can be the least number of interruptions.

Eliminate Distractions: Put away your phone, ipad or anything else that can cause you to lose focus during class-time. Have these devices in a separate room so you don’t have the urge to reach over and start scrolling. Close all other browsers and just have your class meeting tab open. If the temptation is too strong try downloading a website blocker like Cold Turkey and Freedom.

Participate in Class: Turning on your camera can seem daunting at times but try it out, you will notice you are far more engaged. If your instructor does not have their camera on ask for them to turn it on so you can ready body language and be more engaged.

Ask Questions: Use the chat function to ask questions if you don’t understand a concept. If you don’t feel comfortable during class, reach out to your teacher during available hours or email. Addressing any areas of struggle sooner than later can prevent you from falling behind on your coursework.

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