Reasons Why School Grades Could Be Dropping

March 29th, 2021 | in Academic Barriers
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There are many reasons why your school grades could be slipping. Some are obvious as not studying, too focused on social media or gaming, not understanding the subject and others not as obvious such as anxiety/depression, family and social matters.



It’s easy to say do your homework and you will get good grades but sometimes not understanding an assignment or topic can be a barrier to completing homework. It’s a good idea to speak to your instructor. Many students are hesitant to approach an instructor before or after class but you can email your instructor and set-up a time that is convenient for you both. This meeting can clarify how you should be approaching your assignment and your instructor can help you understand a hard concept.



Many students sit with their notes or textbook in front of them but have no idea how to actually study the material. Do you know your learning style? Is it Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic or a combination of these? Knowing your learning style can be half the battle and put you in a better position when you are studying for exams. Using a work-back schedule to meet your study deadline for an exam can alleviate having to cram for a test.



Do you scroll endlessly on TikTok, Instagram or other social media platforms? When you are gaming do hours just fly by? Misuse of Social Media and gaming are the biggest contributors to grades dropping and not doing well on exams. Taking control of these areas can not only give you the time for school but other hobbies/interests that you have not explored. If you need help with addressing social media or gaming issues, speak to your parents, a life coach or a counsellor.



Many students suffer from anxiety and/or depression and don’t even know it. Some are afraid to find out and be diagnosed since society can put a negative stigma and make it seem like there is something wrong with you. This could not be further from the truth. Addressing and taking action with any mental health issues is the same as addressing other illnesses or health issues. Once you start taking action and following the necessary protocols to do with your mental health you will start to notice an improvement in grades and your overall well-being. If you are concerned about your mental well-being speak to your parent and/or doctor.



Gossip, rumors, bullying, and drama at school can be huge factors in how you are performing at school. When majority of your time and efforts are spent on social issues at school it can take away from the focus on school assignments and studying for exams. To address these additional stresses going on at school you may need the help of a school counselor, life coach or a mentor. Your grades will start to improve as you shift your focus from social issues to your school work



Some students want to do it all. Sports, involvement in school clubs, volunteering and holding a job. This is all fantastic if a student can manage their schedule but without proper time management too many activities can be a recipe for disaster. Grades start dropping, being tired and late for activities and the pressure of feeling like you are not giving it your all can add up and impact the overall well-being of a student’s life.


You will come across many situations in your school life where your grades may drop but the key is to realize what is causing the low grades and come to a solution so you don’t let your school work spiral out of control. Getting a handle on your grades can help alleviate stress, give you better choices for post-secondary institutes and in turn a better chance at a career choice that meets your interests.

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