Session 4

Assumption Chart

In session four, we shift the focus from looking at success from a purely academic standpoint and begin to directly address life coaching skills that help develop students’ emotional intelligence. At the foundation of emotional intelligence lies a strong sense of self-awareness. Becoming self-aware involves being able to accurately identify your emotions and the habits you develop through thought and action.

This session we will work with the Assumption Chart. The chart allows your student to examine the assumptions they make about themselves, and how their actions reinforce their assumptions, deeming them true. But through this lesson, they will learn how powerful initial assumptions are, and that by changing their assumptions and perspective they can begin to change their actions.

Busting Limiting Beliefs

Busting Limiting Beliefs takes the Assumption Chart one step further. Assumption Chart shows how assumptions work, while this exercise hones in on just one aspect. This exercise serves as a tool to identify students’ limiting beliefs based on their assumptions about themselves, and shows them their ability to take initiative and design how they want to interact with the world.

Achievements are made most easily through enriching rather than limiting beliefs.

Signature Perspectives

The previous two exercises are designed to lead to the Signature Perspectives exercise, which is often times the most powerful for students. Assumptions and beliefs usually focus only on one part of a student’s life. However, a signature perspective extends itself to all areas of their lives. Perspectives are incredibly powerful, and much of their power comes from how quickly they become habitual.

The purpose of this exercise is to give the student two or three “signature perspectives” to use as defaults. These signature perspectives, that we hold unique to ourselves, mold the fundamentals of our reality. It’s crucial that these perspectives are chosen consciously and wisely, and are strong and withstanding enough to fall back on.

Core Motivation Check-up

The placement of this exercise allows the students to reevaluate based on their shifting ideas of who they are and what they’re capable of accomplishing. Applying the most recent sessions with the core motivation, it becomes an extremely powerful combination for students in changing their perspectives.

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