Grade 12 started off great but quickly became overwhelming when I had to decide what I wanted to do after high school and where to apply. I was so stressed that I wasn't enjoying grad preparations or extracurricular activities at school. My mom found out about Coach Raman and I knew after our first meeting that I wanted to work with her. She helped me during my most stressful time and made sure my grade 12 year was enjoyable. I am now in my first year of University and applying what I learned during my coaching sessions.

- Hardeep, Grade 12 student

I share several mutual patients with Raman/Path2SuccessCoaching and have seen remarkable results. I find that coaching is usually the missing piece for my struggling patients - especially the teens. Raman is an expert in the coaching industry and her program shows real-life success stories. She has great interpersonal skills and easily develops rapport with all of her clients - they trust her and feel comfortable opening up to her about their struggles. I would highly recommend Path2SuccessCoaching because Raman helps create results and will help achieve your goals.

- Dr. Ritu Jhaj

I have referred several patients to Raman and have had great success. She does her work with passion, knowledge, understanding and care. I will continue to recommend her to my patients without any hesitation.

- Dr. Mike Gill

Ever since I began to meet with you as my coach it has changed my approach on how I deal with difficult situations and how I accept the loses in life and come back stronger. I have learned how to never give up and always know there is always an alternative from the mind maps, and the organized schedules that I have started to incorporate into my life! Thank you so much Raman!

- Nik, 2nd year University Student

Coach Raman helped me out when I started grade 8 last year. It was hard time getting used to so many teachers and classes to keep track of. In Elementary school, it was nice having just one teacher. I was feeling down about my friends and family and she was so easy to talk to and without her help I would have been even more lost and done bad in school. I was sad when my coaching sessions ended but she is still always available if I need her. Thanks for coaching me.

- Grade 8 student

I always took pride in the fact that my communication with my kids was strong and that if they needed someone to talk to I was there for them but when my son started high school things started to change. I figured grade 8 was just an adjustment period so didn’t focus too much on this but in grade 9 I noticed he was becoming even more distant, some of his grades dropped and I had no idea which friends he was hanging out with. I spoke to some of his teachers and saw a bit of improvement but it only lasted a couple of weeks. I was introduced to Raman at a seminar and I connected with her a week later and we had a great chat where she walked me through her program in detail. I wanted my son to also meet her as I wanted him to go through this program. He was hesitant at first as he thought it was going to be more work added to his schedule but after meeting with Raman he said he wanted to give it a try. After the first 2 sessions I noticed changes, small things like cleaning his room, organizing his binder and slowly he started communicating better with the whole family. We noticed an improvement in grades and an overall feeling of him just wanting to try and give his best efforts. He also took up an interest in rugby and now plays for the school team. I would highly recommend this program and hope something like this will be introduced in the future in High Schools.

- Nina, Parent

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